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In the area of Penal Compliance ILLESLEX ABOGADOS provide our customers, in this case companies, comprehensive quality advice in the establishment and improvement of effective systems for control of criminal risks to which they are exposed, preventing crimes and facilitating their exemption from criminal liability that may arise.

The latest amendments to the Criminal Code of 1995 have led to the definitive improvement in our legal system of the principle "societas delinquere non potest" under which legal persons could not commit crimes. The recent reform operated by Organic Act of 2015 introduced a fundamental innovation, allowing absolving themselves of responsibility for companies prior to the commission of the offense have implemented effective crime prevention programs or compliance models.

We work closely with CEGOS DEPLOYMENT, consulting firm specialized in the subject.

Our specialized team offers, between others, the following services:


  • Diagnosis and evaluation of major criminal risks.
  • Establishment of protocols or effective procedures of prevention and detection.
  • Development of monitoring and tracking systems.
  • Periodic verification of the model and its eventual modification.
  • Advice on the creation of a body of autonomous operation for monitoring the model of the implemented management (Compliance officer).
  • Development of a disciplinary system that adequately punishes non-compliance with the measures established by the model.
  • Development of management models of adequate financial resources for crime preventions.
  • Training on criminal risk prevention.
  • Due diligence of criminal risks.
  • Legal representation and legal assistance in court proceedings. (Corporate defense).
  • Assistance and dialogue with internal and regulatory bodies.
  • Adapting international models to the requirements of national legislation.

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