ILLESLEX. A sustainable and responsible firm

We are in the century of corporate commitment and responsibility. Globalisation has brought us a new world in which it is no longer possible to remain on the sidelines. Institutions and entities, companies and citizens, have to assume our responsibility in a common destiny, as there are many challenges we face and many other objectives we have set ourselves as a society in order to achieve them.

They are set out globally in the Sustainable Development Objectives of the United Nations, the United Nations. And we take them on board in their entirety, as a company, as a professional team and as citizens, with an emphasis on what primarily affects our activity.

Our first commitment is to provide the best legal, economic and fiscal service to our clients, sparing neither means nor effort. We believe in the Rights and in the Law. A society based on legal certainty is stronger and more egalitarian.

The second commitment is with our employees. Their personal safety, their training, their promotion, that they grow with us as professionals and as people.

Examples of this are our Personnel Protocol (which sets out the labour relations that we have agreed with our employees), the Protocol for the Prevention of Workplace and Sexual Harassment (which ensures the safety of interpersonal relations within the company), the Investment Plan for the continuous improvement of the functionality and ergonomics of the workstations (with which we seek the optimal conditions of the equipment and work environment) or the promotion of Continuous Training of our professionals in the different areas of law and other areas, as well as the improvement of their skills such as the improvement of languages.

The third commitment is with the Community and the country where we are based.  The Balearic Islands is our place of coexistence, Spain and Europe our region and our main market. We participate in the life of our country, in its culture, its sport, in its media. We sponsor activities, we write in the media, we participate in events, we spread our knowledge and our opinion. We serve the community and society in which we are integrated.

We believe in music, art and sport as forms of expression and transmission of values to society. In this sense, and as has become a tradition, we sponsor classical music festivals and concerts in different parts of our islands, such as the annual Classical Music Festival in Port de Soller or the Ca'n Bonico concerts that take place every summer in Ses Salines as part of the Mallorca Cultura programme:

We are members of the Stiftung für Kultur Foundation which manages one of the most important German contemporary art collections in the world and one of the largest museums in Germany, the MKM MuseumKüppersmühle, with whom we have managed to bring to Mallorca exhibitions such as CHINAART 2004, ANSELMKIEFER 2010, GILBERT & GEORGE 2013 or the most recent INSIGHTS 2021.

Collaborators of the Mallorca Championship, as legal advisors and strategic consultants of the organising company, in a tournament that has managed to attract the best tennis players in the world and is going to be a great promotional tool for our islands, linking us to top level sport.

The fourth commitment is with the fight against climate change. The earth is our home, the one that feeds us and shelters us. Fighting for zero emissions into the atmosphere with our activity. For the energy transition towards renewable energies.  For the management of waste and the environment. For the cleanliness of maritime and continental waters.

The fifth commitment is social responsibility. We believe that equality of opportunity is essential, in access to education, in health, in training, in employment. There is no justice without equality. Equality of men and women, without distinction of class or origin, race or religion.

The sixth is with the economy and society. Contributing to growth, generating wealth and employment. A society that generates value so that it is redistributed and no one is left out. Poverty is inconceivable in a developed world. For technology to reach every corner of the planet, and to guarantee its use for well-being and development.

We would like to highlight the Illeslex Forum that we organise every year, in which we invite renowned personalities and professionals from our islands to generate a forum for debate on current economic issues in our islands.

We are collaborating partners of the Cercle de Economia de Mallorca and the Impulsa Baleares Foundation in order to support their events and promote actions aimed at involving companies and entities representing the Balearic regional fabric in the development of new resources and activities of general interest.

The seventh and last is a commitment to biodiversity. Caring for the human species and all the species that make up the earth's ecosystem.  

These are our fundamental commitments, which we, Illeslex as a company, its Partners, Lawyers and Collaborators, assume on a daily basis, commitments that are implemented and developed together with our business activity as well as through the implementation of specific programmes. A common task for a sustainable and responsible world. To leave future generations a better and more egalitarian world than the one we received.


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