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Labour Law and Social Insurance

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Singular department of the office, including lawyers and experts in working relationships of an extensive and profound academic formation and above all with a professional experience of more than 20 years in front of tribunals and social courts and the different organisms of the public administrations. 

Particularly specialized in consulting and integral handling in the areas work and social security, employees, collective negotiations, work auditing, questions of personnel and prevention of risks in the place of employment, without distinction of the corporate activity and the geographical location of the activities, applying all personal and technological instruments to be able to quickly and efficiently comply all necessities of the clients.

The department work law offers the following services:

  • Management employees, contracts, pay rolls and Social Security

    • Company openings

    • General and special registration of firms in the correspondent administration of the Social Security

    • Entry, registration and checkout, or changes in the general or special registration of the Social Security

    • Contracts of employment, guidance in the engagement of employees (usual contracts, compensated contracts, request of incentives, etc.) and their administration

    • Compilation and calculation of pay rolls and liquidations for employees


    • Compilation of lists and summaries of compensations

    • Compilation of transfer lists for credit institutes

    • Telematic handling of registrations and checkouts and temporal incapacity

    • Guidance of persons involved in accidents at work (system DELTA).

    • Certifications for firms for the request of benefits (incapacity, maternity, unemployment, etc.).

  • Advice in work law and social security

    • Periodic and actual information in the area social law

    • Permanent personal consulting and in writing regarding all matters of the industrial relations of the firm

    • Compilation of diverse writings regarding the industrial relations of the firm (disciplinary proceedings, examination and resolution of litigious proceedings, leaves of absence, vacation forms, retirements, etc.)

    • Meetings on request of the client or as his advisor with leading personal, representatives of the employees or the trade union.

    • Assistance and/or representation of the firm in front of organisms of the administration of the national or autonomous Government, in order to solve any incident (work and Social Security inspections of the Main Department for Work and Health in the Place of Employment, the Main Department of the Treasury of the Social Security the National Institute of the Social Security, etc.)

  • Collective bargaining and agreements of firms

    • Negotiation of collective agreements independent from the geographic location of the application

    • Negotiation of agreements of firms

    • Service in the application and interpretation of valid collective agreements concerning the firm

  • Regulation of places of employment and collective conflicts, planning of feasibility, restructuring of firms

    • Collective and individual labour proceedings concerning essential changes in the conditions ofemployment

    • Collective and individual proceedings of suspension and/or reduction of the employment because of financial, technical or organizational reasons, or concerning the production

    • Strike and lock out

  • Prevention of risks in the place of work

    • Adoption of the law of prevention from risks in the place of employment in the firm

    • Advice in modalities of organizationand choice of the best option

    • Advice in the commitment and liability of the firm in this matter

  • Social Security

    • Advice and study of services of the Social Security:

      • Retirement (complete, partial, premature, flexible, etc.)

      • Permanent incapacity

      • Services in cases of death (widow‘s pension, orphan’s pension in favour of members of the family, etc.)

      • Unemployment

      • Medical assistance

      • Temporary incapacity

    • Social Security expatriates

    • Systems of social prevention, pension plans and stocks

    • Integration in systems of the Social Security (general and special regulations)

    • Deferred payment of debts with the Social Security

    • Advice concerning international agreements in matters of Social Security


  • Special industrial relations

    • Upper management including directors, managing presidents, and members of the board of administration of joint stock companies

    • Professional sportsmen/women

    • Domestic workers

    • Artists of public events

    • Disabled employees in special employment centres

    • External workers and sales representatives

  • Employment auditing, work checking

    • Service of analysis and study of the firm, in order to determine if the situation adjusts to the applicable law and information concerning the located reservations and measures of correction in the following cases:

    • In cases of fusions, take over and/or acquisitions, including in the Due diligence all important technical questions concerning the employment significance

    • As preventive measure with the objective to determine the state of the firm

    • Questions of personnel and employment of personnel, organisation of the personnel

    • Employment ofpersonnel: Manhunt of the adequate personnel for the firm under multi-sectoral points of view including advice to the clients of the most efficient way to reach his aims

    • Training, study of necessity of training of the personnel of the firm including planning and handling its development by means of  plans of formation, determining the adequate formative actions  and searching possible channels of funding

  • Procedural labour law

    • Individual proceedings of all types:

    • Disciplinary dismissals

    • Objective dismissals

    • Fundamental changes in the conditions of work

    • Proceedings of professional integration

    • Proceedings on the matter vacations

    • Sanction proceedings of the firm (work related sanctions)


  • Proceedings regarding Social Security:

    • Achievements of Social Security

    • Concerning integration

  • Collective conflicts

  • Administrative and contentious–administrative proceedings concerning work and Social Security

  • Extraordinary appeals of all kinds (petition, cassation and protection)

  • Penal labour law

  • The different penal matters concerning the social questions, which appear in the Penal Code always require the intervention of a specialized labour lawyer to guarantee the best defence.

  • Fiscal labour law

    • Income tax statements - IRPF: Salaries in cash, in kind, indemnities for damages and other services apart from the salary

    • Subventions and bonifications concerning the creation of firms and new employment

  • Administrative labour law (national, autonomous, local and institutional administration)

    • Penalty law

    • Licenses, subventions

    • Social Security (financial aspects)

    • Civil service law

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