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Pablo Mieglo opens our section Illeslex & Friends

Pablo Mieglo opens our section Illeslex & Friends



We have invited several friends of Illeslex Abogados to publish on our website about issues related to their professional activity.

We have called it Illeslex & Friends, because if we are proud of anything, it is of the people that over the years of activity have been incorporated into our lives, and with whom we have had the fortune to develop projects together or simply share a beautiful friendship.

We start these articles with Pablo Mielgo, director of the Balearic Symphony Orchestra, because we admire his work. It is not by chance that music is in some way the first protagonist with Pablo Mielgo of Illeslex & Friends, since it was the main axis of the celebration of our XV Anniversary as it is without a doubt one of our passions.



Pablo Mielgo
Director of the Balearic Symphony Orchestra


The Balearic Islands face the interesting future challenge of combining a model between tourism and culture as the main growth brotherhood of a privileged territory for both industries.

For this, the performing arts, music and visual arts play a vital role in this strategy, which well structured and enhanced, can make this island territory one of the most attractive in the world.

In my experience as the principal conductor of the Symphonic Orchestra of the Balearic Islands in the last six years, this training is playing a fundamental role in the development of the idea outlined above, as well as being a tool of cohesion of the four islands, another one of the Territorial challenges facing any island reality.

The Symphony has in the next four years the opportunity to give an extraordinary change to the musical reality of the Islands, and its own history. The construction of "la Caixa de Musica" as the main venue for its activity, the renewal of its staff and the consolidation of its programming, will turn the Symphony into an orchestral reference in the Mediterranean.

The enthusiastic and determined participation of civil society has always been fundamental for the development of any cultural project of a public nature. Therefore, it is essential to make an effort for the collaboration and sponsorship of private companies, as well as the support of citizens through their presence in all our activity.

The next few years will be of vital importance for the development of the consolidation and cultural growth of Balearic reality. A decided economic and social commitment can bring to this territory, the years of greatest prosperity in the world of arts that have been known, making the Balearic Islands the cultural capital of the Mediterranean.


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